Get To Know The Neighborhoods Of Singapore & Visit These Top Attractions

Do you live in Singapore? If you do, you want to get to know your neighborhood well. You want to get around the island and go on adventures in other neighborhoods, too. And if you are on vacation, you want to see and do it all, right? There are plenty of top attractions and places of interest to visit to help you get to know certain areas of Singapore better. In fact, some of the top places of interest are even neighborhoods themselves, like Chinatown.

One place you might want to visit is the National Orchid Garden. This garden is located at 1 Cluny road, and you might as well see all of the Singapore Botanic Gardens if you are going to stop by the National Orchid Garden. You only have to pay a small entry fee to see the garden, and the flowers are quite beautiful. There are hybrid species that are quite impressive to see, too. People report spending about a couple of hours checking out everything. Just in the orchid garden alone, you are going to see thousands of flowers. Can you imagine?

Do you know that area of Singapore known as Gardens by the Bay? If you’re unfamiliar, you need to make it by this part of the island and stop by Cloud Forest. Cloud Forest features different levels, and there is even an indoor waterfall. That sounds absolutely majestic, and you can also learn about climate change while you are there. Located in the basement of Cloud Forest is a secret garden, and that sounds wonderful. The entire experience is said to be very romantic, which makes it a great place to stop by in my book.

How about a visit to the Singapore Zoo? The zoo is in the Lake Road area of Singapore. You will find over 300 species and almost 3000 individual animals. How does a jungle breakfast sound to you? It is a very interesting experience, and so that might be something you want to do while you’re there. You can also look forward to taking pictures with the animals as well. Reviews say that you might want to go on a night safari when you visit this zoo.

Located at 69 Joo Chiat Terrace, The Intan is part of Peranakan culture. There are other examples of Peranakan style architecture in Singapore, but this building is one of the most interesting. You do need to know that you must have an appointment if you are going to stop by this museum. You are going to find a very passionate owner and quite the eclectic collection. He also happens to respond to every review that is listed on one of the top travel sites. That just shows you how passionate he is about his life’s work.

Are you familiar with Mount Faber Park and Alexandra Road? What about Kent Ridge Park? One area of Singapore that you might want to visit is called The Southern Ridges. This is going to give you a chance to be out in nature. There are all kinds of trails and things to do in that area, and you are going to have a blast.

There are other areas of Singapore you are going to want to see and experience, too. Don’t forget to go by the beach. You will want to see and do as much as you can. Search out great examples of architecture, visit more natural attractions, get to know the restaurants and just have an all out good time. Have a great time exploring the island of Singapore and everything that awaits you.

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